A Realm of Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are beverages often used by athletes in order to level up the loss of energy and electrolytes and other similar nutrients incurred by intense activity. This intense activity should be done at least for an hour and must engage all types of muscles or a particular muscle in hard work.


Today the sports persons are confused with the many available drinks that claim their performance is the best. But the individual need to do a little research or a small trail phase before choosing such drinks as consuming such drinks without any caution may spoil their career along with the exploitation of their body’s health.

Ultragen recovery shake claims that it can provider around a 20 mg of protein for a single serve. But they are not using the soya- based protein. The reason for not using such a good quality of protein is that it produces certain effects on the estrogen secretion in their users. Often these effects are unpleasant and uncomfortable for males.


  • It mixes very easily thus indicating its capability of absorption by the body. Absorption is very important feature of an energy drink as it determines real usage of such drink. I think no one wants to buy a costly energy drink and let it to go by urine.
  • It provides amino acids which provide necessary help for repairing the muscles of body which is extensively used in the act of training.
  • Avoids indigestion problems and gastro intestinal oriented problems