Mostly all the people are having the problem of overweight. Everyone wants to show their body slim and more beautiful. If you are fat you cannot wear all type of dresses you like. Want to make your body slanke te? Yes here in Thailand they are selling the green and red package fitne tea to make your body slim. Few years before only red package are available. Now the green package of fitne tea is available. The special characteristics of this green package fitne tea are they are adding some natural plants and herbs. It gives some extra flavor and gives the results effectively. To get rid of all the toxins and unwanted fats use some extra herbs in this tea. The green package fully contains the natural product and it contains 15 tea bags in the package. This is the secret behind the beauty of slim and young women.BEST WAY TO STAY SLIM AND YOUNGER

The tea is composed of some natural materials such as senna plant and green tea. It gives the good and beneficial effects on both the appearance and the health. It is the perfect option to lose the body weight in a natural way. This green tea is not only for women it is also for the athletes and boxing women. Because it burns the extra fat and gives more strength. If you drink this tea two or three times per day it gives the good result. The taste also mild and gives fresh feel for the whole day.