Image 7- the ultimate growth

Image 7 is one of the leading communication services in France which have also extended their services in London and in other places. Anne meaux, the founder of this company founded the company in the year 1988 and this is considered to be the first independent communication agency in France. Now they are the leading communication service and they always have a separate place in the world of communication. Their success rate can be greatly revealed from their satisfied customers.

Customer satisfaction

The company always tends to show more importance for their customers and their needs. They greatly help their valuable customers to build the best communication strategy for their business. This service also helps them in sorting out the entire crisis in their communication strategy. This is the reason why they tend to retain their customers over 10 years. The service is not only engaged in support the communication strategy in France, but they have also extended their services outside France.


They have also signed up the partnership with many leading communication companies across the world. They have better tie up with the countries like India, Britain, Singapore, China and with many other countries across the world. They have signed various agreements to provide the best services to the companies across the world. Since they have signed the agreement with Ruder Finn which is a United States agency, they also offer ruder Finn services to their French customer. In turn Ruder Finn will help Image 7 to reach their customers in United States.

Online promotion

When this deals goes on one side, on other side image 7 started developing their company through the online market. This is the place where they became more popular and even reached the small companies across the web. In order to enhance their reputation in the online market, they have also made many joint ventures with Rentabiliweb.

The most unfortunate fact is even though the company had the best growth over years, suddenly their growth was considered to be typically low when compared to their previous achievements. Even though the company was in crisis they had many satisfied customers by their side. These customers acted as a great support for them as they didn’t make any negotiations in their deal. In order to return back to their status, the company came forward to make deals with small internet companies. However Anne méaux was still determined that she will bring back the victory to the company and achieved it to her best.