If person have the habit of drinking soft drinks then they can have their unique mug or mason jar with creatively decorated that will be more comfortable for you. These types of jars are known as mason jar koozie which is also available in the online markets like sites www.masonjargifts.org.


Sometimes when you pour some cold drinks in the mug you won’t bear the cold outside the mug but these jars will always keep the outer surface dry. If you want to pour some hot drinks like coffee or hot chocolate then you can wrap the koozie around the jar so that you will feel comfortable to hold and drink. Some regular type of coffee mugs are available in the markets which will not make the mug hotter but the steam will be present inside.

These mason jars are not used only for the drinks but coffee mugs are becoming more popular hence these mason jars are decorated creatively and used for their purpose. One can also make the koozie with the woolen threads, old clothes like sweaters, towels or even you can knit or do crochet in this.

Some creative ideas are there which are very easy and simple to do like you can just measure the height, width and size of the jar and you can stitch it easily, these can be sold through online markets like www.masonjargifts.org. Nowadays people are interested in making wedding koozies and if you have more creative ideas then you can make your own and sell it.